Poetry Friday: Ripple Effect of Poetry Postcards


Poetry Friday is hosted by Sylvia at Poetry for Children. Thanks Sylvia!


Last month was quite the month for celebrating student work.  And for sending over sixty poetry postcards.  Seven were sent overseas. They cause a poetry ripple effect.

This week students received these postcards which was a total surprise as our postcards are all about paying it forward and making someone’s day.  They arrive late yesterday so I can’t wait to share with students today.  Thanks Mrs’ Graves 4th grade class (left) and Michelle (right).

And then there were a few ripple at blogs that shared postcards with their readers.

Matt shared the postcard from Mylee at Radio, Rhythm & Rhyme.

Michelle shared Ciara’s postcard at Today’s Little Ditty.

Liz shared Juanita’s at her blog and totally got Juanita’s backward words.

Poetry ripples were meant to be created.  Let’s keep making them.


Happy Friday.

Happy Poetry.