Poetry Friday: The Glorious Sun


Poetry Friday is held at Violet Nesdoly today.  Thanks, Violet.  Her poem in response to the Canadian fire is powerful in its images such as

Buzzing dragonflies spit
bucket after bucket of pink.
Under his gauzy skin, beast continues to binge.

It’s sunny in the Northwest and we may hit ninety degrees today.  It made me think of Lily’s poems because on sunny days it’s easy to have “hope as sunny as the sun”:

My mind is like the tardis
My eyes are like space
My hands are  masters at art
My heart holds hope
That is as sunny as the sun
I live in a world of violent
And eat any kind of oreo

Lily A.
5th grade

The ripple effects of poetry continue in these two places:

This tweet from my friend, Christy.


At Teacher Dance, Linda shared her poetry postcard from Braeden with a connection.

Plus, I can’t wait to give Cynthia a note from Joyce Sidman.  Her teacher said it’s a perfect thing for her as she is so quiet.


Happy Friday.

Happy Poetry.