Poetry Friday: Welcome All Poems, Poets, and Lovers of Poetry


Poetry Friday is here today. Welcome one and all.  Have you heard the news?  There will be a first ever Poetry Camp in the fall.


Registration is HERE



28 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Welcome All Poems, Poets, and Lovers of Poetry

  1. Happy Poetry Friday, Jone! Thank you for hosting this week and for sharing the Poetry Camp! Sylvia and Janet sure know how to throw all kinds of poetry parties, in book and gathering form…lucky us! xo

    • Looking forward to your workshop on Poetry + Movement, April–and hope you’ll talk about NEW YEAR AT THE PIER and get us throwing bread into the water!

  2. Thank you so much for hosting, Jone. This poetry camp sounds exciting. Can’t go wrong with Janet Wong and Sylvia Vardell. 😉

  3. Thanks for hosting, Jone! I sure wish Washington wasn’t so far from Ohio, or I’d SOOOOoooo be there!

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  5. I am so sad that the workshop is so far away, but excited that I’ll have chance to meet Janet and Sylvia at NCTE in November.

    Thanks for hosting today, Jone.

  6. Thanks for hosting, Jone! It’s looking less & less likely that I’ll be able to attend the camp, as it’s so far away (Laura & I, East Coast represent, yo)…but I hope you all have a great time!

  7. I’d love to be able to go, camp sound fabulous! Maybe I’ll start playing the lottery…

  8. What an amazing line-up for the Poetry Camp. Sylvia and Janet are truly poetry goddesses for organizing such a fabulous event.

    Thank you so much for hosting this week, Jone!

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  10. Thanks for hosting. Little thrill of excitement about that conference… Bellingham is close to me!! I’m going to try to make it to meet (and hear) these amazing poets in the flesh.

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  13. Jone, A great Poetry Friday to you.
    And, appreciations for this perfect poetry partee invitation.

    Poem makers & poem lovers will overflow the place.
    We, in a different far longitude, will look for their posts.

    Maybe there will be livestream or some sort of connectivity during parts of it?

    Maybe this will be a template for creating a similar partee eastcoastwise futurewise.

    And where is November NCTE mentioned above in comments?
    Is it perhaps the confab suggested to me by a poetry pal that will be near/in Hotlanta?

    More thanks!

  14. Thanks, everyone, for all the good words! Sylvia V. does indeed love a good poetry party and I am, I will say, GREAT at arranging a fruit plate. This Poetry Camp hopefully will be the first of many–we’ve already received an inquiry from another university about hosting us in the future . . . but it does require people at the university who are willing to write grant proposals and do TONS of planning (in the case of WWU, professors Nancy Johnson and Sylvia Tag). Take a look at what the WWU Poetry CHaT center is all about when you have a chance. In a few years, it will be THE go-to place for children’s poetry resources! http://www.library.wwu.edu/poetrychat/collections

  15. Thank you, Jone, for hosting PF today and presenting us with the wonderful news of Janet and Sylvia’s conference. While I cannot attend this one I hope to hear both of them at NCTE16 (and maybe ILA16 if they are presenting).

  16. Like my poetry sisters, I’m in today with harpy inspired poems.

    Jone, I would so love to come to poetry camp, it’s just too short a time to make the trip west. Now, if it expands to 2 or 3 days, then I’m in! I’ll be jealous of everyone who will be able to attend.

    Thanks for hosting today.

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