Poetry Friday: If I Were a Weed


Poetry Friday is at  Beyond LiteracyLink.  Thanks, Carol.

A second grader wrote a poem about weeds.  His mom, the music teacher, said he came outside to be inspired as she was weeding.

Peter's poem

He and I conferred about the shaping.

If I Were a Weed

If I were a weed
most other plants would hate me.

If I were a weed
I would be green or sometimes yellow.

If I were a weed
I would still be something living
like all of you.

If I were a weed
I would feel o’ so hurt.
because  you are all slicing me.

If you were a weed
How would you feel?

~Peter L.

2nd grade


I just love the last line of this poem.

Happy Friday.

Happy Poetry.