Poetry Friday: If I Were a Weed


Poetry Friday is at  Beyond LiteracyLink.  Thanks, Carol.

A second grader wrote a poem about weeds.  His mom, the music teacher, said he came outside to be inspired as she was weeding.

Peter's poem

He and I conferred about the shaping.

If I Were a Weed

If I were a weed
most other plants would hate me.

If I were a weed
I would be green or sometimes yellow.

If I were a weed
I would still be something living
like all of you.

If I were a weed
I would feel o’ so hurt.
because  you are all slicing me.

If you were a weed
How would you feel?

~Peter L.

2nd grade


I just love the last line of this poem.

Happy Friday.

Happy Poetry.


8 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: If I Were a Weed

  1. Jone, this is wonderful and to think it was written by a 2nd grader. Do you think I could post this at Spring’s Seeds Gallery as an example of Student Voice? If so, I think the written poem could be captured and placed to the left of the handwritten poem. What do you think?

  2. Fabulous last lines – the last two stanzas of the formatted version. Powerful. How beautiful to see another youngster voluntarily expressing thoughts through poetry. My niece brought tears in our family this week, with her heart-poem, shared on my blog. So special when they find the magic of poetry for themselves.

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