Poetry Friday: The Late Edition with a CYBILS Announcement


Thanks to Heidi who’s hosting Poetry Friday at My Juicy Little Universe.

All good intentions to get this post up yesterday.  The distraction of ‘Will my district settle a contract before school?” occupied my mind yesterday. I started the day walking for an hour, holding a sign, with about a thousand others at the four local high schools.  It was great for getting my steps done for the day.  I was toast when I got home.

time for the CYBILS
consider being a judge
ask for poetry


I am honored again this year to be the chair person for the Poetry category.  We need people who love poetry and want to discuss poetry.

You can apply on the CYBILS website, HERE.

Not sure?  Have questions?  These FAQs should provide answers.

Judging Round One information HERE.

Judging Round Two information HERE.

September 14 is the deadline to turn in an application.  I really hope to see your name on the application list.

Happy Poetry.


Poetry Friday: Found: One Postcard


Welcome to Poetry Friday, hosted today at Dori Reads.  Thanks, Dori.

Today’s poem is from Tabatha Yeatts.  I received a postcard poem.  The postcard front:


Original art by Tabatha’s daughter, Elena (age 14).  I want to send her a photo of my dachshund to paint.  There’s such fluffiness to this painting.

On the back, a poem:

Found: One Postcard
by Tabatha Yeatts
for Jone

The postcard, hand-painted,
showed a curly-haired,
syrup-colored pup,
smiling, one ear
flipped underside-up.

The back was covered
with blue ink, smudged
from the damp leaves
where it was unearthed.
Only the beginning and
the ending were legible:
My condolences,
Your secret admirer.

Oh the mystery! Doesn’t it beg for more? Thank you both Tabatha and her daughter.  I will be displaying it at school.


CYBILS Announcement Time:  Get ready. Start thinking about serving on the Poetry panels for the CYBILS this year.  Will let you know when the window opens for application.

Happy Friday.

Happy Poetry.

Poetry Friday: Found Word Poem


Thanks to Julianne for hosting Poetry Friday today.

Last week, I shared a Found Word poem from Joy.  She sent me an envelope of words.


Today I created a word poem which is also a statement about my re-visioning my verse novel.  Verse Novel and I have been on a sabbatical.  I have been processing so much in my head about it.


As you can tell, Joy provided many words so I can create more word poems.

Please Put This on Your Radar

It’s almost time to apply to be a CYBILS judge.  This usually happens toward the end of August.  Always in great need for poetry people who are passionate about poetry.

The chair people are already discussing and planning for this year’s awards.  Stay tuned.

Happy Friday.

Happy Poetry.

Poetry Friday: Summer Swaps

IMG_1077Thank you Tara for hosting Poetry Friday at A Teaching Life today.

It’s summer and thanks to Tabatha Yeatts, I get write and send poems out to participants during the summer.  I also receive little packages of poems.

Last week or so I received a joy bundle from Joy.  Not only did it have this fun poem(and words to live by), but a cool little surfboard for my mobile (how did she know), a letter, one of her grownup poems and an envelope with words to create my own poem.  Thank you, Joy.


This week, I was blessed with this treasure tote bag from Donna in Maine.  The photo is mine and she wrote a poem to go with it.  I am using this tote tomorrow to deliver four photos to the Clackamas County Fair.  Thanks, Donna.


This supports our community of writers so much.  It’s so fun to create.  I have two more to send out before the end of summer.

Happy Friday.

Happy Poetry