Poetry Friday: Summer Swaps

IMG_1077Thank you Tara for hosting Poetry Friday at A Teaching Life today.

It’s summer and thanks to Tabatha Yeatts, I get write and send poems out to participants during the summer.  I also receive little packages of poems.

Last week or so I received a joy bundle from Joy.  Not only did it have this fun poem(and words to live by), but a cool little surfboard for my mobile (how did she know), a letter, one of her grownup poems and an envelope with words to create my own poem.  Thank you, Joy.


This week, I was blessed with this treasure tote bag from Donna in Maine.  The photo is mine and she wrote a poem to go with it.  I am using this tote tomorrow to deliver four photos to the Clackamas County Fair.  Thanks, Donna.


This supports our community of writers so much.  It’s so fun to create.  I have two more to send out before the end of summer.

Happy Friday.

Happy Poetry


11 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Summer Swaps

  1. The swap is a pleasure all summer long, and you’ve received some treasures this time, Jone. How thoughtful are these two poets, Joy and Donna!

  2. Treasures from Joy and Donna – so distinct and unique. Don’t you just love the connections to who we are and what our passions are? It all shows up in the creativity of poem swappers.

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