Poetry Friday: Found Word Poem


Thanks to Julianne for hosting Poetry Friday today.

Last week, I shared a Found Word poem from Joy.  She sent me an envelope of words.


Today I created a word poem which is also a statement about my re-visioning my verse novel.  Verse Novel and I have been on a sabbatical.  I have been processing so much in my head about it.


As you can tell, Joy provided many words so I can create more word poems.

Please Put This on Your Radar

It’s almost time to apply to be a CYBILS judge.  This usually happens toward the end of August.  Always in great need for poetry people who are passionate about poetry.

The chair people are already discussing and planning for this year’s awards.  Stay tuned.

Happy Friday.

Happy Poetry.


11 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Found Word Poem

  1. What a Joy she is, sneaking in those happy little name references. All the best with your verse novel. I’m a big believer in space and distance – and poetry play. #truth

  2. Wow! To be sent an envelope of words…..that is a FANTASTIC present! And, I am at a stuck place with my niv. It’s not that I don’t WANT to continue it….it’s just that I do so much better in a workshop situation than when I’m on my own being a mom, middle school librarian and engaged in life. Cheers to you on a new school year. Just write/revise/work on one page and let us know when you do. I’m great at snoopy dancing for someone that has accomplished some writing!

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