Poetry Friday: The Late Edition with a CYBILS Announcement


Thanks to Heidi who’s hosting Poetry Friday at My Juicy Little Universe.

All good intentions to get this post up yesterday.  The distraction of ‘Will my district settle a contract before school?” occupied my mind yesterday. I started the day walking for an hour, holding a sign, with about a thousand others at the four local high schools.  It was great for getting my steps done for the day.  I was toast when I got home.

time for the CYBILS
consider being a judge
ask for poetry


I am honored again this year to be the chair person for the Poetry category.  We need people who love poetry and want to discuss poetry.

You can apply on the CYBILS website, HERE.

Not sure?  Have questions?  These FAQs should provide answers.

Judging Round One information HERE.

Judging Round Two information HERE.

September 14 is the deadline to turn in an application.  I really hope to see your name on the application list.

Happy Poetry.


2 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: The Late Edition with a CYBILS Announcement

    • Sigh, a big one…it was determine by the higher powers that there weren’t enough yet for their own category. So they will be in with poetry one more year at least. Hopefully, that won’t discourage anyone from choosing to apply.

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