Poetry Friday: To the Light of September


Poetry Friday is hosted by Penny at A Penny and Her Jots. Thanks, Penny.

School’s back in session.  I saw the turning of leaves this week.  And the morning air is a bit more cool.

Here’s a poem to celebrate September.

To the Light of September
When you are already here
you appear to be only
a name that tells of you
whether you are present or not
and for now it seems as though
you are still summer
still the high familiar
endless summer
yet with a glint
of bronze in the chill mornings
and the late yellow petals
of the mullein fluttering
on the stalks that lean
over their broken
shadows across the cracked ground
                                      Read the rest at the Poetry Foundation


I am honored again this year to be the chair person for the Poetry category.  We need people who love poetry and want to discuss poetry.

You can apply on the CYBILS website, HERE.

Not sure?  Have questions?  These FAQs should provide answers.

Judging Round One information HERE.

Judging Round Two information HERE.

September 14 is the deadline to turn in an application.  I really hope to see your name on the application list.

14 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: To the Light of September

  1. This is a beautiful poem and the second Merwin poem I’ve read recently. After the first I jotted a note to remind myself to spend some time reading his work. You’ve reminded me again that if I make that time, I’ll be sweetly rewarded. Thanks!

  2. I wish someone would remind September to visit us in the desert. We’re still 100+ degrees here with no end in the foreseeable future. Ugh. This poem did give me some hope…thank you. =)

  3. Love the”… glint of bronze in the chill mornings,” and love the month of September. But it seemed to come more quickly than usual this year.

  4. This perfect September poem is new to me! Thanks for sharing it.
    Ruth, thereisnosuchthingasagodforsakentown.blogspot.com

  5. Thank you for the September poem! I love how the light looks different in September… more shadow and reflection instead of summer’s glare. I have loved being on CYBILS, and you are so generous to continue to serve! Alas, I am not eligible this year. Y’all have fun! xo

  6. It’s like a switch flipped when we turned the calendar page. So far, September light has been crystal clear — warm in the sun/cool in the shade with nice chilly nights for good sleeping. Ahhhh….

  7. I always have that feeling that moment when I just want to yell ACK! September has arrived. That telling goldy-green or greeny-gold. It’s not the green of May. Thank goodness there are so many wonderful events this time of year to look forward to: birthdays, festivals, runs and the new school year. Otherwise, I’d be sad. I always feel like a friend is packing up to leave.

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