It’s Monday. What Are You Reading. 9/26/2016


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My friend loaned me her copy of MISS PEREGRINE’S SCHOOL OF PECULIAR CHILDREN by Ransom Riggs. It’s been sitting in a basket by my bed waiting.  So last week, I started it knowing the movie is on the horizon.

I figured it would be quirky.  Magical.  I had no idea it is such a thriller and holds a certain amount of creepiness.  I haven’t finished it.  I love the photos.

My oldest grandgirl love anything by Tim Burton.  I know that she wants to see this movie.  It’s going to interesting to compare the book to the movie.

What are you reading?

4 thoughts on “It’s Monday. What Are You Reading. 9/26/2016

  1. I have had it for a long time, still haven’t read it, but I will someday. Glad you seem to be liking it, Jone!

  2. I agree that it is a powerful book. I didn’t get to any of the sequels though. I wonder if the movie will be focused on the one book or combine the series?

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