Poetry Friday: New Year Poetry Postcard Exchange


Can you believe it’s December?    So welcome. I am glad you are here.  Poetry is so needed these days. I have been in a slump!  It made me wonder about a fun project I have done with others in the past:  sending out New Year Poems on postcards.


This is one I sent last year.  And while I created my own photo postcard, it can be as simple as sending a postcard with a poem written, scribbled, etc on the back.  Would it be fun to start 2017 with a poem.  After 2016, I am in need of poetic words.


These are from a previous year in what I received.  This group was haiku based around the Japanese New Year. As you can see, it was the year of the goat.  This year if you are inclined for a prompt, it’s the year of the rooster.

Here’s the Google Form to sign up if interested.  There are choices like sending five postcards or ten, sending in the states or internationally, your choice.  I really hope that you will consider signing up for this exchange.

I am looking forward to ringing in the New Year with you via poetry post cards.

Thank you Bridget, for hosting Poetry Friday this week.


23 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: New Year Poetry Postcard Exchange

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  2. I’m so glad you’ve organized this, Jone! I was going to miss having the exchange postcards trickling in. You rock!

  3. Lovely idea–I was just thinking that I need to do more of these kind of collaborations/challenges among the community, but wasn’t sure where to start. Voila! Jone has the answer, just in time!

    • Absolutely. It’s what I do. The postcard shown on the post is a postcard. I used Picasa and the text to get the poem on the photo. Printed them off and them bought postcard backs on Amazon. I also have printed postcards from Walgreens (that takes a bit longer)

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  5. Great idea to start the new year with poetry postcards. I just wanted to finish my giftie exchange before I committed to another. I might go to a museum for post cards. They always have such beautiful ones. Or maybe I’ll paint some if I feel particularly brave. I hope I’m not signing up too late.

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