Poetry Friday: Welcome Everyone and a Some Ideas for Poetry Postcards.


Welcome to my place.  I realized that Poetry Friday happens regardless of the weather.  We don’t need to worry about cancelling because people can’t get here.

Last week, I invited everyone to the New Year Poetry Exchange. And people are signing up. I am doing a happy dance.  Someone commented it would be their first time which made me think about providing some ideas as a start.  I am a jump into the fire kind of person but not every one jumps into the fire.  I appreciate that.

First off and most importantly, there are no rules (well, maybe to at least get the New Year Post Cards out by the end of January?)

My first year (and I am sorry but I don’t have a photo), I printed off a photo from the coast, created a photo card, and put the haiku on a label and stuck it on the inside of the card.

Another year, I discovered that you can order postcards from places like Walgreen in their photo section (I also discovered that you need to prepare at least two weeks ahead as they are sent out for processing.


This past year, I’ve discovered this product from Amazon:


I’m sure there other resources for this.  I can order prints of my haiku photos from the local photo place (normally Walgreens) and then use the above backs to create a post card.



You can purchase postcards and write a poem on the back of it and I have sent those as well.  I love buying postcards from places I visit and then writing a poem inspired by the postcard.

AGAIN, THERE ARE NO RULES! And that’s the fun of it.  So I hope you join us!  You can sign up here:

PS If you signed up last week, please make sure I have your email. I corrected the form.  II need to email you the addresses of the people you’ll send postcards to.

I am looking for to your posts today!