Poetry Friday: PostcardXchange


Thank you, Keri at Keri Recommends, for hosting Poetry Friday today.

Someone recently told me that they think January is an awfully bleak month.  The decorations and lights of November and December  holidays are packed away and the bitter cold of winter has settled around us.  I might have to suggest to this person that they participate in the #postcardXchange for 2018.

Here is what I have received thus far.  They certainly have brightened my snow filled days. Mine are addressed about will be mailed once I am more thawed out.  Hopefully, tomorrow as we have a seventh snow day for school.

Left:  Diane Mayr’s.  I am always intrigued by her collages and would love to know more about her process. And her postcard follows the Japanese New Year tradition of Nengajo.

Right Top: Joy Acey.  I would love to go swimming in the warm waters of Hawaii right now.

Right Bottom:  There wasn’t a name on this one and the envelope vanished.  Thank you, Tabatha.  I love the red of holly berries.

postcards now
welcomed winter break
from the snow

Happy Friday.

Happy Poetry.


13 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: PostcardXchange

    • Just this morning as I was about to throw the envelope away, I realized that if I did I wouldn’t know from whom I got it in just a couple of minutes! So I’m cutting and pasting your address from the envelope onto the back!

  1. Thank you for this project — it warms my heart. (Gotta get going on my cards so I can warm my recipients’ hearts!!)

  2. You’ve got a lovely collection started! I love the variety — we all have wonderfully unique voices!

  3. How wonderful! Full of comfort and cheer. Hats off to you for organizing this, Jone. (I’m late to last week’s party over here. My cards are going out tomorrow – 01-20) ;0)

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