Poetry Friday: Late Edition


Thank you, Carol for hosting Poetry Friday.

Note to Self:  Get your post completed BEFORE the dentist.  Yes, I had an 8 AM appointment yesterday and my best thinking was that I had ALL day to get the post up.  Forgetting of course, that I would be wiped out following the dentist.  (I;m not a good patient when it comes to the dentist)

So I am thrilled that my Poetry Rocks has grown to 25+ students this year.  I have 1st-5th graders.   And this was the coolest; a second grader brought me a book that contained her great-grand mother’s poem in it.  Plus this great poem about poetry written by an 11 year old.  The poetry book was published in the 1960’s.

Happy Saturday.

Happy Poetry.

6 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Late Edition

  1. What a thrill for your student, both to have her grandmother’s poem and a bit of proof that kids’ poetry matters, too!
    Hope your teeth are happy today! I’m not the best dental patient either. I always tell them to treat me like I’m a little kid. I may need a sticker at the end!

  2. An interesting treasure to be sure. I don’t think you’d find that today. A poem by an adult plus a poem by a child in the same book, unless I misread your post. Loved the thought that SOME POEMS can be slimy! (haha!)

    Hope you fel beter, Jone. I hate going to the dentist too.

  3. Jone, I love that you have children poets writing with you. If they are interested, I would love for them to write winter image poems and you choose which ones to send in to the gallery. I am looking for more #stuvoice.

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