Poetry Friday: Super Bowl Sunday


Thank you Penny for hosting today at her blog.

Are you ready for Super Bowl Sunday?  Are you a Patriots or a Falcons fan or maybe a kitty bowl or puppy bowl fan?

In THE POETRY FRIDAY ANTHOLOGY for CELEBRATIONS, by the fantastic duo, Janet Wong and Sylvia Vardell, I have just the poem to celebrate this unofficial holiday.image

These girls, now fifth graders, recorded this for me two years ago.


Happy Friday!

Happy Poetry.


9 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Super Bowl Sunday

  1. Very fun, Jone. I guess I’ll watch and root for the Falcons because they’ve never won. Have fun yourself & keep off that ice!

    • I’m a Pats fan, by virtue of my geography and family loyalty, but now I am torn. How sad to have never won, and how greedy we New Englanders are to want our Belichick-Brady team to win a record-breaking fifth time. I’m still rooting for the Patriots, but now I’ll munch a few chips in honor of the Falcons.

  2. I’ve always loved how you called it “football’s holiday” in this poem, Jone. And those girls did a great job. My daughter and her hubby got to go to the last Falcons game – very exciting. I’m not much of a football follower, but I’ll tune in Sunday. ;0) Have a great weekend.

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