Poetry Friday: Showing the Poetry Postcard Love

IMG_1077Thank you Karen for hosting Poetry Friday.

Congratulations to Bridget Magee, Gail Aldous, Brenda Davis Harsham, Molly Hogan, and our Poetry Friday Host, Karen Edmisten. Please email me with your addresses so I can mail you a copy of HERE WE GO by Janet Wong and Sylvia Vardell.

Aren’t these awesome?  These are the post cards I received in January.  They really made my month brighter.


And it’s that time again…get ready for the NINTH Annual Student Poetry Postcard Event coming in April.

Would you like to receive one?  Sign up HERE:


14 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Showing the Poetry Postcard Love

  1. Each of those postcards must have brought such joy when they arrived in your mailbox. One of the things I most miss about being young is being excited when my name was on an envelope in the mailbox. Now my name is on way too many envelopes and none of them inspire joy!

  2. Hi Jone! How wonderful to send and receive postcards! It’s such a throwback – reminds me of childhood vacations and choosing postcards to send to friends

  3. Tell the students that I love each one of the postcards I’ve received over the years. Thanks for doing, Jone! And your “received” postcards is quite a beautiful group.

  4. What a lovely idea, poetry postcards. As I looked at your collages, I was reminded of something Caroline Kennedy wrote in the Introduction to A Family of Poems. I looked it up: “In our family, we were encouraged to write or choose a favorite poem for each holiday or birthday as a gift for my mother and grandparents instead of buying a card or present.”

  5. Jone, my thought from last week never made it to the comment section so here it is. You know that I love your Postcard Poetry connections. I think I signed up again for the Student Postcard Project. Can you please check on that for me.

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