Poetry Friday: Happy Birthday to Billy Collins


Thanks to Heidi for hosting Poetry Friday today.  What I love about our Poetry Friday community is that someone will have an idea and we will run with it.  Not only is Heidi hosting, she encouraged us to find a Billy Collins poem in honor of his birthday later this month.

I love this quote by him:

The first line is the DNA of the poem; the rest of the poem is constructed out of that first line. A lot of it has to do with tone because tone is the key signature for the poem. The basis of trust for a reader used to be meter and end-rhyme. Billy Collins

And there is a poem at The Poetry Foundation which I love.

The First Line of a Poem

Before it flutters into my mouth
I might spend days squinting
into the wind
Like an old man
trying to thread a needle
by a window
in the dying light of  late afternoon.

The rest of the poem is HERE.

At Deowriter, I took 10 words and wrote a first draft of a poem, At the First Light of Day

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Happy Friday.

Happy Poetry.


10 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Happy Birthday to Billy Collins

  1. Oh, that is just lovely! And I don’t usually expect *lovely* from Billy, exactly, and yet there it is, plus the cleverwise treatise on the first line, and the homely familiar image of him sitting by his window stitching. In my travels through my three books I noticed how often there he is…

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  3. It’s astonishing to me that I continue to read new or unremembered poems by BC! Thanks for this one — Love Love Love it!

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