Poetry Friday: Poetry Rocks Student Poems


Thank you to Michelle at Today‚Äôs Little Ditty for hosting Poetry Friday.  So along with learning to recite poetry, this year I’ve  been encouraging students to write poems as well.

This week, I challenged students to write an ode thanks to the DMC at Today’s Little Ditty.

My student assistant, a 6th grader whipped this out during our session:

Ode to Music

You hear that sound?
It’s soft  sound of music!
from soft, slow notes
to fast and edgy music.
from really short songs
to long and elegant.

People say it’s boring
but for me, music
is that Ding-Dong-Ding ringing
in my ears and brain.

~Penny C., 6th grade

And this from a fourth grader (not exactly an ode).  She handed to me in class, inspired by our poetry gatherings.

Why should I watch and wait
when darkness comes
you quiver
you shrink,
you light the way
for all to see
but what happens
when darkness

~Haylie, 4th grade


Would you like a student poetry postcard for National Poetry Month?  Sign up HERE!

Happy Poetry.

Happy Friday.