Poetry Friday: Student Poetry Randomly Shared With Me


Thanks to Margaret at Reflections on the Teche for hosting Poetry Friday this week.

Earlier this week, I got a noticed that a fifth grader, Jamison, had shared poetry with me.  We have been done with poetry for awhile in the library but fifth graders may have been working on poetry in class.

When I had Jamison in class on Wednesday, I asked him if meant to share his poetry with me. He said yes. Jamison is one of those students that I wouldn’t expect to do this.   He’s active, speaks out, and sometimes you wonder if he’s listening.  I asked if I could share on the blog today and he said that’s why he shared them with me.

I am skilled with games
I wonder if I am going crazy
I hear rustles in the basement
I see morning stars on the roof
I want to have the earth’s core in my hand
I am skilled with games
I pretend there’s no sound
I feel bad presence
I touch a shadow
I worry that something is going to jump at me
I cry about my grandma
I am skilled with games
I understand my mom
I say the world is ending
I dream everything is ok
I try to convince people
I hope I last long

–Jamison, 5th grade

I am a casual ghastly
Nobody wants me though I am alone
All by myself an alleyway
Asking if I can be someone’s partner
It’s been 3 days without anything
I’m behind a trashcan hiding
I have a visitor and he has a nice home
I guess I’m not so lonely after all

–Jamison, 5th grade

Such thought provoking images. this always makes me happy to receive unasked for poetry from students.  Thank you, Jamison, for sharing with me.

Poetry Friday: Kinder Fibonacci


Thanks to Tara at A Teaching Life for hosting Poetry Friday.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been working in a kindergarten class on different poetry forms.  We tried the Fibonacci form with a small tweak.  Instead of the typical 1-1-2-3-5-8 syllables, we wrote them with 1-1-2-3-5-8 words.  Here are a few.

By Elecia

going to
help the plants
We can help the earth
I’m going to help the earth get healthy


By Alyssa

Help the world
Throw away the plastic garbage
I feel happy for fantastic planet earth.


By Kingston

Have fun
Play at recess
John, Daniel, Yelisy, Matthew, Autherius
I like all my friends at school


By Brooke

Bed, dresser
Dad moved them
I like where they are
My room looks so good.  It’s cool.


By Maria

Make my bed
Try to keep it clean
I will try to make my bed daily.


By Vivianah

Love my mom
Plants smell beautiful
I love my mom she’s
the very best in the whole wide world.


By Autherius

Save water
I like it
It’s our planet, our home
The earth is a good place to live


By Anthony

Help earth
Pick up trash
Fun to turn off lights
Make plants and more trees. Grow fun stuff.


Poetry Friday: Kindergarten Poetry


Thanks to  Jama at Jama’s Alphabet Soup who’s hosting Poetry Friday.

I’ve been working with a kindergarten class on writing poetry.  We started with a group poem based on “Step Outside, What Do I See?” by Alan Wolf and “My Rock” by Ken Slesarik.

Students observed rocks.

Our first draft:


I posted on Twitter and Carol V. asked a great revising question: “What do the students wonder?”  So our next meeting we revised:

The final version:

Rocks by Room 207

When I look at a rock|
I see
shapes in it and holes in it
Colors, rainbow colors, a train,
sometimes symbols, and crystals

When I touch a rock
I feel|
hardness and smoothness
straight and rough, sharp, smooth, soft
Slippery, muddy and dirty

And I feel
Nervous scared
because it might move

I wonder this
if you look away
will it move?
If you look at it
will it stay still?

I wonder
if  they fall by themselves
if it will play with me
if when you sleep, it stays still
if it will hurt or if it’s poisonous

I wonder
if it’s hot like a lava rock

If you see a rock
you go under your bed
It finds you
And jumps
on your head.

Next week, I’ll share more individual poetry from this class.