Poetry Friday: Kindergarten Poetry


Thanks to  Jama at Jama’s Alphabet Soup who’s hosting Poetry Friday.

I’ve been working with a kindergarten class on writing poetry.  We started with a group poem based on “Step Outside, What Do I See?” by Alan Wolf and “My Rock” by Ken Slesarik.

Students observed rocks.

Our first draft:


I posted on Twitter and Carol V. asked a great revising question: “What do the students wonder?”  So our next meeting we revised:

The final version:

Rocks by Room 207

When I look at a rock|
I see
shapes in it and holes in it
Colors, rainbow colors, a train,
sometimes symbols, and crystals

When I touch a rock
I feel|
hardness and smoothness
straight and rough, sharp, smooth, soft
Slippery, muddy and dirty

And I feel
Nervous scared
because it might move

I wonder this
if you look away
will it move?
If you look at it
will it stay still?

I wonder
if  they fall by themselves
if it will play with me
if when you sleep, it stays still
if it will hurt or if it’s poisonous

I wonder
if it’s hot like a lava rock

If you see a rock
you go under your bed
It finds you
And jumps
on your head.

Next week, I’ll share more individual poetry from this class.

13 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Kindergarten Poetry

  1. These young poets will never look at rocks, anywhere that their many paths take them, without remembering these days of seeing and wondering. Brava!

  2. I imagine they learned much through this Jone, about rocks, certainly, but also about wondering and asking questions. Nicely done!

  3. Oh how I love this. My Kindergarten poets so love writing about nature. It just comes so, well, naturally to them! LOVE Carol’s question about wondering. She’s the queen of wondering through poetry!

  4. This is great! When I was young I always picked up rocks, looked at them and wondered about them. I still do this and my seventeen and nineteen-year-old do, also. You have created poets and scienctists! Excellent!

  5. Yes, 5-6s are at the height of their poetry freedom and only need a sympathetic, faithful adult to bring it onto the page. Did kids of previous generations focus so much on the possible dangers of the world? I see that in 2nd too, the fascination with poison lava attack rocks!

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