Poetry Friday: Featuring Second Grade Poets


Thanks to Buffy at Buffy’s Blog for hosting us today.

Second grade did research recently on animals of the Oregon Zoo.  They used  World Book Kids which has a fantastic animal quick facts chart and the Oregon Zoo website.

Following the research, we wrote animal poems.

polar bear
fluffy white bear
catching, running, fighting
you look like you’re made out of the snow
playing, hiking, swimming
white as snow
ursus maritimus

~Allison S

in open waters
swimming, protecting, eating sponge
been around for over 100 million years
laying eggs, weighing more than 1000 pounds
sea turtles


fast, cool
Chasing, resting, fascinating
Family, awesome, cubs, playful
Sneaking, sleeping, pouncing
jumping, turning
acinonyx jubatas


ursus maritimus
the Arctic
sea ice
playing, rolling, splashing
they live in cold places
polar bear


fast smart
hiding hunting chasing
you’re always looking for something else to do
eating sleeping scaring
having fun
acinonyt jubatus

~Allison D.

Sea otter
playing, swimming, eating
sunbathing in water grabbing hair body covering
creeping, sleeping, stepping
playful, silly


white sturgeon
when young eat mollusks
swimming clinging growing
freshwater and seawater
eating hiding growing
like a white and gray log




7 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Featuring Second Grade Poets

  1. Love these second graders’ poems. Is there one or two you can pick out Jone, that can be placed in my spring gallery as examples of #stuvoice? Sea otter can go in the summer gallery. Polar bear and ursus maritimus can be saved for a winter gallery. They must have fun researching.

  2. What a great way for kids to showcase their learning! I also love the inclusion of the scientific names and the great verbs. Thanks for sharing!

  3. What fun animal poems! I especially like the otter one. While we are too far from the ocean to have sea otters, a game camera on our farm captured a picture of some river otters, which have recently been reintroduced to Indiana. Evidently, the new population is thriving!

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