Poetry Friday: Firefly by Jacqueline Woodson


Thanks to Heidi at Heidi at My Juicy Little Universe. for hosting Poetry Friday.

My niece moved to NYC last August.  She introduced her son to fireflies last week.  They are such magical creatures.  Hereś a Jacqueline Woodson poem.



It’s almost May
and yesterday
I saw a firefly.
You don’t see
them a lot
in the city.
in the park
in the near dark
The rest of the poem is HERE.
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8 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Firefly by Jacqueline Woodson

  1. So nicely done. We’ve introduced the grand-girls to these magical insects on trips to Missouri. I do miss them here in CO!

  2. I keep seeing fireflies popping up in poems this week, yet I’ve never seen one! I don’t think we have them in my part of the world, how very sad! Thankfully I can experience them vicariously through poetry. 🙂

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