Poetry Friday: More Late Fall Haiku and New Year Postcards

IMG_1077Welcome to the first Friday of December. Oh, my!  Mary Lee at A Year of Reading is rounding up the poetry this week.

The fourth-grade students shared more haiku with me this week.  But before that, I want to remind people it’s time to think about sending New Year poetry postcards.  You can choose to send 5 or ten.  They can be all the same (I created a photo postcard with a haiku on it and bought multiple copies) or different, your choice.

And now for student haiku.

Bright breeze shining leaves
Falling from high
Sun coming from dawn

© Angel B.

Death to all the leaves,
No more green I like,
Wildlife fleeing south

©Ian B.

Golden singing wind
Shimmering sparkling sunlight
Glimmering warm leaves

©Brooke W.


Drifting blowing leaves
Yellow red-brown crunchy leaves
Gold dancing shining

©Elizabeth Y.

Brown leaves golden red
Gray smoke floating in fresh air
Leaves piled small/big

©Marcella C.



Poetry Friday: Student Haiku


So glad that Carol is hosting today. Head over to  Carol’s Corner for some great poetry.

Some students shared their fall haiku.  I asked permission to share and they said yes.  I am posting as they wrote them.  I love the hyphens in Emma’s.

Crack-ling camp-fire smokes
Glor-i-ous leaves fall in fires
Jump though gol-den leaves

© Emma M.


Blowing cold
           Falling yellow red green leaves
Golden paths, paths of leaves

© Tawnos J.

Hopefully, I will have permission to share more next week.

Poetry Friday: A Turkey Poem

IMG_1077Thanks to Jane at the Raincity Librarian for hosting Poetry Friday today.

This is a fun little poem chant I use with K-2 for November.  I’ve used it for years.  Wish I knew who wrote it.

I’d like to be a turkey

So big and round and fat 

I’d like to be a turkey

With my tail feathers out like that

I’d like to be a turkey

I’d be a real prize winner

I’d like to be a turkey

But not a turkey dinner.


Have a wonderful week.

Be sure to signup for the New Year Poetry Postcard Exchange.  Information is here.