Poetry Friday: Using Robert Frost as a Mentor

IMG_1077Poetry Friday is hosted by  Buffy’s Blog today.  Thanks, Buffy.

A fourth-grade teacher recalled to me his experience in fourth grade with “Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening” by Robert Frost.  This week he used the poem with his fourth graders.  Here are some of their poems.

Over the hill, I go to find a bunch of snow
As I went up the hill away the snow blows
When I came back down the hill
The floor was icy cold!

When I woke up there were lots of presents under the tree
Then I opened up a present and I got a key
I had a surprise on my face
Everyone started to laugh at me!

It was a bright white key
And I could hardly see
Then I looked outside and there was snow
Then I ran outside and I fell on my knee

©Marcella C, 4th grade

The Years

The lake that appears every year,
The snow, the ice, the frost right here!
Whose cabin that lives miles and miles
I smile and enjoy, The windows are clear!


Oh, the years that pass by,
I cry “Oh why, oh why!”
The years perish day by day,
So I remember the years and grab my sleigh!


The snow that flies very
Cold, Bold, it delicate flow,
Here, there, there
Who owns snow, I don’t know! But here it is!

©Jeremy, 4th grade



Candy Canes

Though candy canes do not glow
They walk down the streets and say hello
We watch to see if Santa comes
People laugh and eat us like snow

That is why they are such a show
They just keep saying no
Jumping in people’s hot cocoa
They just need to go

They just decide to go to the mall
They mess up thing and start to bawl
Then we have a big fight
Then the candy canes give a call

©Emma, 4th grade

There will be some more next week.

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  1. Ooh, these are all treasures. And Jeremy clearly has the soul of a poet. (The only poem I remember memorizing in school was Stopping By Woods–I think in fifth grade. Those words have stuck all these years.)

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