Poetry Friday: Student Poetry and A Winner


Thanks to  Jan at Bookseedstudio for hosting today.  Well, I’m waiting for permissions to feature some poems from one of the CBYBILS Poetry books that got away.  So today I have more poetry from Mr.Yates’ fourth grade.  These poems are from December

WINNER, WINNER, BOOK DINNER:  Congrats ERIN VARLEY. You won the READ! READ! READ! by Amy Vanderwater. Please email me: macrush53 AT yahoo DOT com.

Snowflakes are going down in a fall
They fall on the chorus as they call
People are getting presents here and there
People see a big Christmas tree so they go to the mall

©Ileini D, 4th grade

The white cloak is called snow
They move around like they’re in a blow
They’re moving around like they’re dancing everywhere
They go down the street to see Santa, ho!!!

©Ileini D, 4th grade


Dogs bark at a frozen tree       
As people unwrap their presents in a glee    
They’re loved ones come to visit them   
Then everyone comes and starts to hug me!!!

©Ileini D, 4th grade


My Three Piece Connected Poem


Coming home from getting a tree…
Over the hills, I go
Over the hills covered with snow
Over the river to the town
Now that is home I know.

Almost there…

I have a blanket in the back
Way down low on the bottom rack
I bought it just to keep me warm
Because it feels like I’m getting smacked!

When the town is in clear view…

Snowflakes falling all over town
slipping sliding everybody rushing round
There’s an icy chill in the air
Looks like this winter is really going to pound!

© Channing B.



13 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Student Poetry and A Winner

  1. I’m impressed that Channing created a 3-part poem! Given that I saw snowflakes (in Mississippi) during lunch, these poems hit the spot!

  2. snowflakes, presents, Christmas, chill, cloak and blankets, winter poems capture winter in all its delight, or cold! Thanks, Jone!

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