Poetry Friday: Student Work

Thanks to Sally at SallyMurphy.com.au for hosting Poetry Friday.

Fifth graders wrote haiku/short poems in the library based on the different biomes that they created in the fall.

Gloomy day
Worms come out
Like ninjas

©Aeven N.


Green leaves vines all around
Animals waterfalls and plants
Trees and beautiful flowers everywhere

©Alexis L.


I´m lost in the jungle
Living in a fantasy wonderland
Reading is my life

©Caitlin L.


The tundra is icy cold.
In the winter it is beautiful in the dark.
I like the icy cold snow in the winter.

©Edgar G.


Sandy deserts
Beautiful sunny sky
Lovely cute animals

©Emma Roehl


Desert hot and dry
Sand tosses and turns by the wind
Hot in day cold in night

©Sean Conley


Cold water
Unique sea creatures
Turtles are swimming

©Milina W.


Icy winter
Cars slipping
snow everywhere

©sebastian a.


Rains very hard
Tree frogs hopping tree to tree
So very green

©sarah dahl


The tundra is icy cold
Polar bears warm
Not very much plants there

©Will M.

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