Poetry Friday: Black History Month


Thanks to Liz at Elizabeth Steinglass For hosting Poetry Friday today.

Late posting.  From some students for Black History Month.

Brave Bessie Coleman
I am as persistent as a wolf
brave, persistent, and independent
She was the first person of color to get a pilot’s license.

© Josh, 3rd grade

Brave Claudette Colvin
I have courage like a lion
Brave, determined, sharing
She stood up for bullying

©Ruben, 3rd grade
Singer Nina Simone
I sing like a bird
joyful, magical, brave
She was a songwriter
Nina the Brave

© Carter, 3rd grade

Amazing Angela Davis
She fights for rights like a feisty bear that seeks fish
fighting, persisting, and an inspiration
She is an author
an inspiration to all

© Taylor, 3rd grade

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