Poetry Friday: Student Revision Work


Thanks to  Renee at No Water River for hosting Poetry Friday.

We’ve been writing odes at Poetry Rocks.  I use this format to start after reading several odes (so cool because I can share last year’s odes.

Ode to a dog, cat, deer, horse, porcupine, school, peace, killer whale, snow, picture, friend, drawing, world, space, mountain lion, mom and dad, kitten, tiger, stars, cheetah                                                                                                                           
I see
I hear
I feel
I taste
I wonder

I then typed them up and made “editorial” changes for poem shaping (mainly took out the “I see, hear, etc, if it felt right.)

Then on Monday, I shared the odes back with the students. I explained as “editor” I had made some suggestions. I asked them to looked them over and let me know if they approved by putting a star on the paper or make changes that they wanted.  Here are three examples:

20180302_102637            20180301_125027 20180301_125050

I love how this builds their confidence as writers.


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