Poetry Friday: More on Students Revising Work


Thanks to Linda at TeacherDance for hosting Poetry Friday this week.

I’ve been thinking about ways for students to revise and write final drafts in a simple way when you have thirty minutes once a week.

Third graders are finishing up their Black History Month poems which will be used for Student Poetry Postcards for National Poetry Month as well as submitted for publication.

Anyone who teaches knows that students finish projects at different rates.  This year, I’ve been using Google Classroom. Boy howdy, has it been the bees’ knees for teaching.

This week, I was able to have students who had turned work in assist those who needed help in creating a poem or with getting it onto the Google document.  I was able to sit with students who needed some editorial guidance.  My favorite was Gabe who asked what the difference between ITS and IT’S.  It was a great moment.  Below are some photos from this class all working on writing poetry.

The difference between its and it’s.  It was like the light bulb went on.

20180309_094251.jpgTalking with a peer on writing a cinquain.

I love how the boys are listening to Brooklyn as she assists with their poems.

Wyatt is using his fact sheet to finish his poem.