Student Poetry Month 1/30

Follow your dreamsThis month is dedicated to the work of my students who have written poetry in either library class or after school at Poetry Rocks. Today an ode to space.

Ode to Space

You up in the sky
Your Stars twinkling up there
Like you’re lifting me up in the sky to come with you
The air in my mouth like gravity
I wonder if you will ever stop going and going
No, you won’t

Alison S
3rd grade





2 thoughts on “Student Poetry Month 1/30

  1. Ode to student poems

    Have I told you lately
    How much I love reading children’s poems?
    There is magic in their verses.
    It feels like hope, like spring.
    It make me see a new world.
    I feel the slick words of their creation.
    I hear their plucking phrases like ripe fruit.
    I stand in awe and amazement.
    I wonder and am in love
    all over again.

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