Student Poetry Month 14/30

Follow your dreams

On Thursday, author and poet, Eric Ode, was at our school.  It was phenomenal.  This is evidenced by two things:

My fifth graders in class today talked about him throughout the class and used his phrases like  “Wee Wazzle Wah.”

But maybe more impressive was from this third grader.  He is one of my frequent flyers as he’s always here for recess.  Today in class, as a follow-up to yesterday, students created a blackout poem from Ode’s “When You’re a Pirate Dog.”

My friend didn’t finish in class BUT he did at recess and what concentration.  He even wanted it laminated upon completion.


Screenshot 2018-04-13 at 7.39.12 PM

Noah’s poem is the highlighted yellow.


One thought on “Student Poetry Month 14/30

  1. What a thrill for your students and yourself to have a visit from Eric Ode! Love your friends’s pic and blackout poem!

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