Poetry Friday: Student Poetry

Thanks to Rebecca at Sloth Reads for hosting Poetry Friday today.

I found more student poetry hanging around my desk this week:

The Life of a Big Sis

My brother broke the vase
and made a face.

It’s a disgrace
that you think I did it.

Don’t send me to my room
It will end with a big boom

Of course, I did not cook
just let me off the hook

© Bella, 3rd grade

I asked students to write a poem about empathy.  Taylor gave me this.


By Taylor Duncan

I’ve been there before
Down in a deep, dark hole
All alone by yourself

You can’t see|
You have no light
You feel alone

But you aren’t.
We’ve all been there before.
We’ve all stepped in your shoes
One time or another.

We know how you feel
So when you’re down there
just know
We are too.|

We’ve been there
When you’re afraid
Remember this:
Don’t be. We’ve been there too.





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  1. These are wonderful, Jon. Bella made me laugh, and Taylor stirred my heart. Such great voice in both their poems. Thanks for sharing them.

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