Poetry Friday: Third Grade “I Come From” Poems

Thanks to Buffy at Buffy’s Blog for hosting all the Poetry Friday poetic goodness.

I had the opportunity to work in third grade the last couple of weeks. I found a template for the “I Come From” at Scholastic. Noticed that fourth and fifth grade had used the template with success as demonstrated in the hallways of school.

Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll share third grade work.

I Come From by Joshua

I come from RoBlox and Fortnite

From Doritos, ice cream, and bologna

I am from rabbit of freedom

I’m from going for walks

From Marina and Gemma

I’m from the four of us and hiking

From “Respect Mom” and “Clean up your room.”

I’m from Washington soup and macaroni

My family pictures are found on my second floor

My family means a bunch of things like being nice


I Come From by Urijah

I come from MMA

From meatless pie

It’s real juicy and hot

I am from a rose

It’s spiky

From kindness and surprises

From Mel and Trey

I’m from playing video games

From my “Picking our after myself.”

I’m from Vancouver, Washington

From Coke and cakes

From my Dad was a roofing engineer

My Mom was boss of Hotel Rose

My family pictures are in my room on the wall

History and story


I Come From by Andrey

I come from Ukraine

From potato soup, good and tasty

I am from raspberry bush, juicy and sweet

From Lyudmila and Andiy

I’m from Vancouver

From borscht and Kasha