Poetry Friday: Featuring Mrs. Brown’s “I Come From” Poems


Thanks to Liz at Elizabeth Steinglass for hosting Poetry Friday today.

I’m subbing in my former school today. the class I’m subbing in has poems up. While I didn’t do the lesson, I love seeing poetry in the school and this teacher loves poetry. Enjoy.

4 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Featuring Mrs. Brown’s “I Come From” Poems

  1. These poems are so great and honest! What a great idea! I’m curious to what the directions were from the teacher. It would be wonderful if you could let me know. I imagine the teacher gave an example poem, or the class worked on an example poem together because some students have the same words, “sweet and juicy” or other repetitions. Thank you so much for sharing the children’s poems; they have brought me joy on a dark day.

  2. I always like reading “I am from poems” thanks for sharing them Jone-And what a joy and resource to have another teacher who is also very fond of poetry

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