Poetry Friday: Third Grade Poetry

Kat at Kathryn Apel is hosting Poetry Friday today. Thanks, Kat. Here are some more third grade “I Come From” poems.

I Come From by Juno

I come from Mom and Dad

From mac and cheese

I am from puppies


I’m from playing with my sister

From Eleanor and Grandma Nikkie

I’m from the  family and kind

From Oregon

My family pictures are found next to the TV

My family means a lot to me


I Come From by Alicia

I come from cats and dogs

From lasagne, spaghetti and raviola

Tasty, meaty, and juicy

I am from roses of red

Bright red

I’m from board games and Apples to Apples

From Krysta W and Mikchall W

I’m from the most funniest and silliest in town.

From “Drink your water” and “Do your Reading”

I’m from Salmon Creek hospital


I Come From by Ellie

I come from an easel

From chicken pot pie

Flaky, juicy, bumpy, and warm

I am from a cactus

Prickly, spiky, and tall

I’m from kindness and surprises

From Amy and Zack

I’m from playing pranks and giving things

From “pick up after yourself.”

From going to Girl Scouts

I’m from America, Vancouver, WA

Cookies and cupcakes

My mom was a veterinarian

Dakotah’s is Great Grandmother Ruth’s middle name

My family pictures are on the wall
History and stories


I Come From by Jazlyn

I come from slime

From the ocean and the sunset

Beautiful and coming

I am from a carnation

A colourful thing

A beautiful,nice, loving family

I’m from

From Drew and Chena
My grandfather was in the Army

My family pictures are in the hall

They care for me


I Come From by Jonathan

I come from my tablet

From Doritos and my phone

Cheesy and crunchy


Sweet and lots of sugar

I am from my dad, my mom, me and my brother

We are funny

I’m from clocks, time, food, and days

I’m from California

From cheeseburgers and calderez

From my mom who went to Washington

From my grandfather who lives in Mexico


4 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Third Grade Poetry

  1. I am so excited that someone is identifying with the ocean & sunset!

    And how much self-knowledge, the one expressing personality as a cactus!

    The food thoughts are making me hungry.

    This is a great read & I appreciate it so much.

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