Poetry Friday: Students + Writing = Poems

It’s Friday and that means Poetry Friday. Thank you to Robyn at Life on the Deckle Edge for hosting.

I was very excited to get this SNOWMAN – COLD = PUDDLE . In fact, I was so excited for the book I accidentally bought two. So guess what, I will be selecting a lucky person for my extra copy. Just comment below.

Last week, I had the opportunity to sub at my former school. The teachers were gracious enough to make space in the day for me to teach Equation Poems based
Laura Purdie Salas’s new title.

It’s never enough time to fully polish and revise the poems. After reading the book and talking about the idea on a one line poem, the students dove in. I worked with second and third graders. Some second graders were able to create the illustrations.

One second grader took the paper home to finish.

Here are more examples:

The above are my second graders who had more time to work.

Process: We read the book. Made a few group ones. I created a list of possibilities for the sum or difference. (=family, =heaven, = honesty {one of their life skills they are working on} )I had a sheet with the format and asked the students to write three. They then selected their favorite to illustrate.

Here are some that were written but not illustrated:

Blanket + Cat = Nap

~Liana, 2nd grade

Winter + Waves = Storm

~Elisha, 2nd grade

Horses + Saddle = Heaven

~Beatrix, 3rd Grade

Me + Family = Love

~ Vicka, 3rd grade

Me + Sick = Chicken Noodle Soup

~ Jayden, 3rd grade

Me + Homework = No, No, No

~ Daniel, 3rd grade

Sad + Cry = Puddle

~ Ricky, 3rd grade

Person + Forever Sleep = Heaven

~Naomi, 3rd grade

Triangle + Ingredients = Pizza

Moon + Stick = Lollipop

Stick + Stone = Hammer of Thor

~John W, 3rd grade

Max + Daniel = Honesty

~ Elvira, 3rd grade

Sister + Doom = Sadness

~ Malachi, 2nd grade

Book + Learning = Smart

~Samantha, 2nd grade

Have a poetic week. Over at Deowriter, I’m remembering Paul Janeczko.


11 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Students + Writing = Poems

  1. Oh my gosh, these are fabulous! Some made me laugh out loud (the equation for mom, for instance). Whether they were funny or beautiful or surprising, I loved the creativity of all of these! Thank you for sharing, Jone:>)

  2. Jone, I’m happy for you that you had the opportunity to sub and use Laura’s new book, Snowman – Cold= Puddle, Spring Eqations. I’m looking forward to reading it and using it. All of her books are great. I love your students’ equations and illustrations especially blanket + cat = nap! I’m curious if anyone used subtraction in their spring equation?

  3. Oh my goodness – Laura’s terrific book+your terrific teaching talent=AMAZING poems! These are great. That “mom” equation got me, too… :0) And the sparkly night art is glorious.

  4. How fun these are, Jone. I enjoyed each one, but that yes + no = Mom, just right for us all I guess. I have the book, so don’t put me in your generous giveaway!

  5. Jone, what a fun way to sub-introducing something you love and having student work to review. The Mom equation poem does win most funny and imaginative. I also like the winter one because I am picturing what the waves must be (waves of snow, rain, or just make believe). Winter + Waves = Storm
    Would Elisha, 2nd grade like to share her picture an equation poem for my winter gallery, Winter’s Embrace?

  6. Jone, these are wonderful! I love no+yes = Mom. That’s perfect. What a wonderful sub you are. If you are ever back in my neck of the woods, I’d be happy to give you a day or two in my library.

  7. So many truths in just three little words! Gotta try this! (That “no + yes = mom” totally cracked me up!)

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