Poetry Friday: Part Two Kinder Poems and Giveaway

Welcome to Poetry Friday. I know that Heidi has a great round up at My Juicy Little Universe.

Monday I stopped by the kinder class I worked with to get some illustrations for their poems. This class has had their share of illness and new students were gone. Therefore not all finished poems have pictures.

These poems were inspired by BOOM! BELLOW! BLEAT! by Georgia Heard.


Check out this interview with Laura Purdie Salas on her new book, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. I interviewed her on my blog yesterday. Her publisher has donated a book for a giveaway


Would you like a poetry postcard for National Poetry Month? Here’s a blog post about it HERE and you can sign up below:


7 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Part Two Kinder Poems and Giveaway

  1. Christie, I love what the children did with their poems. I have to comment on the Brown and White Dog by A. because my grandbaby says “Woof, Woof” when asked about a doggie. I also like the line about snuggling with stuffed animals. Great visual there. I am going back to read the first posts on Laura’s books.

  2. I just read Georgia’s book to my younger granddaughter last night. She loved it. Wishing her teacher would write poems as you have with the students, Jone. These are darling!

  3. Oh, how fun to come by here after reading Jan’s introduction to this wonderful new book! They made the most of their form, didn’t they? My favorite line is from “Pink Snake”: “my scales are green like yellow” : )))

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