Student Poetry Month: Inanimate Objects Poems

I interviewed Laura Purdie Salas about her new book IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT in March. That interview is HERE.

Then I had an opportunity to work with a fourth grade class. We made a list of classroom inanimate objects. I am featuring their poems all week.

Organized calendar
I’m as smart as a 7th grader
flip, count, mark
you know what day it is
Time keeper

~Tim, 4th grade

Majestic American Flag
We are strong as a bald eagle
Strong, brave, huge
my country flag



One thought on “Student Poetry Month: Inanimate Objects Poems

  1. Love these, Jone! Thank you for sharing:>) I LOVE that the calendar is as smart as a 7th grader. And what a great patriotic feeling I get reading the flag poem. Excellent job, Tim and Kelton!

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