Poetry Friday: Student Poetry Month

Thanks to Irene at Live Your Poem for hosting Poetry Friday this week

I interviewed Laura Purdie Salas about her new book IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT in March. That interview is HERE.

Then I had an opportunity to work with a fourth grade class. We made a list of classroom inanimate objects. I am featuring their poems all week.

Messy whiteboards
we get scribbled on all day
messy scribbles, writing
People write on me all day
boards you write on forever

~Allison S

Jumping water bottle
bouncing as a chair
I am as running as a lion
keep you hydrated


The restless recorder
I am as cheesy as a chisel
definitely delicate
sweet, sour, smart,
silent restless recorder



4 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Student Poetry Month

  1. All fun, and I imagine the students are loving doing these, too, Jone. Love that ‘restless recorder’!

  2. I can imagine lots of loopy letters on Alison’s whiteboards. I love the lion-water bottle comparison — very original! Speaking of original, “cheesy as a chisel” is very fresh!

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