Poetry Friday: Honoring. #DearOneLBH and a Guest Blogger: Janet Clare Fagal

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Amy at The Poem Farm for hosting this wonderful celebration about our Dear One, Lee Bennett Hopkins.

Today at this blog, I am turning it over to Janet Clare Fagal for her poem tribute to Lee Bennett Hopkins.

DISCLAIMER: I am out of town, Ms IPad is NOT cooperating, thus this is a bit of formatting wonkiness. I had to screen shot Janet’s beautiful tribute poem and reflection so that you might be able to read it. Apologies.

Thank you to Jone for allowing me to post my poem for Lee on her blog today. I am eternally grateful for Lee’s invitation that led to my poem, “A Mermaid’s Tale” being included in his latest anthology, I AM SOMEONE ELSE, Poems About Pretending. It was a joy working with him. He was an exacting editor, but he encouraged and taught and enjoyed helping beginners like me. I treasure his friendship and his belief in me, as do so many others! Such a Pied Piper of Poetry ! How we will all miss him.

Invitations, Poems and Lee:

a poem of thanksgiving

By Janet Clare Fagal

Good poems.
Good rhymes
Good edits
Good lines
Good writing
Good drafts
Good words
Good laughs
Good poets
Good starts
Good people
Good hearts
Good writers
Good rhymes
Good poems
Great times

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Janet reading to her granddaughter with quite the facial expression on Janet that Lee liked.

Thank you, Janet, for sharing you poem and connection with Lee with our Poetry Friday community.