Poetry Friday: Second Grade Monsters

Thanks to Tabatha at The Opposite of Indifference for hosting Poetry Friday.

It’s November 1, all monsters have gone to sleep. Or have they? On Monday, I had the opportunity to sub in a second grade class.

Originally I was going to do an “I Come From” poetry lesson and then I remember what week it was, Michelle H. Barnes Ditty Challenge, and decided we would all be better served thinking of monsters.

I started by sharing Amanda Noll’s HOW I MET MY MONSTER. It was really fun because I had read the first one to them as kinders (they were my last kinder class).

I shared some of the poems from Michelle’s Padlet along with my Book Monster poem. We then created a list on monsters and fears. They went to their desks and started writing and illustrated. Throughout the day, we loaded them on Padlet (although I added the illustrations later as the computer didn’t have a built in camera.). Apologies that some illustrations don’t come through.

Made with Padlet