Poetry Friday: December Short Poems

IMG_1077Welcome.  Thank you, Tanita at [fiction, instead of lies] for hosting the Poetry Friday Community today.

Yesterday was spent in third grade.  This teacher teams with her neighbor so I was able to teach two poetry lessons.

I used SANTA CLAUSES, SHORT POEMS from the NORTH POLE by Bob Raczka as the mentor text.img-06942519981825254125739.jpg
While, the first page of the book, describes Santa’s love of haiku, I focused on the idea that these are short poems and shared the December Word List that was created for our December Haiku challenge.

Each class created a group poem:

here are the geese
they ate the cookies
from the bakery


drinking hot chocolate
that reindeer made
(the kids filled in this last line)

in the forest
sparkly snowflakes dropped
on my skin

day before Christmas
Santa fell down the chimney
into the kettle

~PM Class

By using Padlet, I can confer with students and upload their poem with immediacy.

Made with Padlet

Next week, I hope to have fourth grade short poems.



7 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: December Short Poems

  1. “Into the kettle” – oh my! Thanks for the reminder about Santa Clauses, a wonderful book! And it’s fun to see the kids’ responses, Jone.

  2. Jone, isn’t it so much fun to have students create their own poems. Raczka’s book is always a hit. Would you ask your PM class if their two poems would like to be shared in my Winter’s Embrace collection. If so, please send them along.

  3. I missed the December Haiku word list and will look back. I love how Haiku is no longer strongly tied to the traditional format and that the idea of its essence can show through in so many ways. Short poems, like 15 WOL with Laura Salas have helped me be a better poet. Glad to see the book that I have missed. Lucky kids to have you subbing.

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