Poetry Friday: Food Love and A Special Announcement

Thank you, Linda B. at TeacherDance for rounding up all the poetry goodness this week.

This week upon arrival to the school I was subbing at, the person was there and gave me the opportunity to write poetry with her two fifth grade classes. I think it caught the students off guard (especially first thing in the morning and they are less familiar with me than my former school).  I made some adjustments and the second class took off.

I used the lesson from the poetry of Janet Wong’s A SUITCASE OF SEAWEED AND MORE.  It’s food poems are the best to lead off for writing to poems.

I like using the “Skinny”poem format as it’s quick in a short time  space (30 minutes). Everyone has a strong reaction to food that being you either love or hate particular foods.

The ‘Skinny” poem consists of eleven lines.  Three lines are the SAME word (in this case food). The first and the last line should be the same sentence. The remaining six lines are single words or a word phrase to describe the food.

These are general instructions for writing and I am not strict about following them as my main goal with students is to experimenting, playing with words, and hopefully a poem will result.

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Could It Be the Return of Student Poetry Postcards?

Stayed Tuned!