Poetry Friday: Firefly by Jacqueline Woodson


Thanks to Heidi at Heidi at My Juicy Little Universe. for hosting Poetry Friday.

My niece moved to NYC last August.  She introduced her son to fireflies last week.  They are such magical creatures.  Hereś a Jacqueline Woodson poem.



It’s almost May
and yesterday
I saw a firefly.
You don’t see
them a lot
in the city.
in the park
in the near dark
The rest of the poem is HERE.
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Poetry Friday: What the Heart Knows: Chants, Charms, and Blessings


WHAT THE HEART KNOWS: CHANTS, CHARMS, and BLESSINGS by Joyce Sidman was among the seven poetry finalists for the CYBILS.

This is a slim but powerful volume of poetry which contains four sections: Charms and Chants, Spells and Invocations, Laments and Remembrances, and Praise Songs and Blessings. When have you wished for something, felt a loss, or just enjoyed the blessing of the day?

The one thing I love about Sidman’s work is they way she will take a topic and present a unique twist. Her opening sentence in her note to readers says it all, “We speak to send messages to the world.” Once upon a time, chants, charms, and blessings were used to encourage the crops to grow or to place a spell on someone or something.

Today in a world of one hundred forty characters to express your feelings, I am glad Sidman’s book is in the world when I am in need of a lament or an invocation. Sidman’s book is a fabulous as a mentor text for anyone needing to write such a poem.

Then there are the mixed medium illustrations by Pamela Zagarenski. (I missed out on her calendar this year but next year….) The muted tones, the evocative nature of the illustrations pull the collections together for a stunning book.

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