Poetry Friday: First Friday


It’s Saturday but I wanted to share a student’s work for “First Friday.” A fourth grade teacher teaches haiku every autumn. Now in the larger haiku community, it’s not encourage to teach the standard 5-7-5.

I am conflicted about whether to introduce haiku in this manner. It’s further complicated by the fact that most children’s poetry collections with haiku are published in this form.

There’s something however that kids get when sharing a specific form. Perhaps to learn haiku as 5-7-5 and then break the rules later is appropriate at elementary. Perhaps, too, as written below, that if a student uses a syllable or two more or less, that’s okay. To me, capturing a moment, an observation in nature is the most important thing. The day Christiana’s haiku was shared with me, reflected how the morning had unfolded.

Here’s Christiana’s haiku:


bright orange pumkin patch
tender wind pale morning sun
mist in the thin wind

What are your thoughts about teaching haiku?

Poetry Friday is with Diane at Random Noodlingthis week.

Happy Friday.
Happy Poetry.


Poetry Friday: Community

Welcome to Poetry Friday which is being held at Buffy’s Blog.  Thanks, Buffy.  This is our school garden. It’s been a several year project coming to fruition by a fabulous committee, the donations for Home Depot, and parents who will care take over the summer.  It was my inspiration for writing some garden poems recently.



a garden
of sunflower
seeds, peas, and beans. Each
row different. We
learned about dirt. It felt
damp, silky smooth with wiggly
worms. We watched as seedlings sprouted
like little edible tree forests.
We planted a garden. Community.

©Jone Rush MacCulloch, 2014


Happy Friday.

Happy Poetry.

Celebrate: Five Star Things About the Week


Time to celebrate the week.  More celebrations at Ruth Ayres Writes.


Monday! Our second day with Susan Blackaby, author.  She spent the day teaching students how to write a five-line poem.

20140213_133415      20140224_094943

This was a group poem from Kindergarten.  And she will be back next Thursday for a final writing day.


A sign of spring.  I spied these on my way into school this week.



The dad who volunteered to help the school play with the sound system.  The biggest problem with the school play is the sound system.  No one can ever hear us very well as we have limited mics for all the speakers.


Working with kinders to write their own five-line poem.  I modeled the poem and then they wrote their own. It’s so exciting to see the ranges of writers; those who struggle with letters to those who get it!

20140227_132505 20140227_130959  20140227_130840


Our first five-day week since the beginning of January.  Plus my asthma has subsided and I finally worked out this morning.


And I started the SOLSC 2014 challenge to write every day in March at Deowriter.

SOL: Making a List


During the week, I always have an idea for SOL. Then Monday night-Tuesday come along and I am blank. I think it’s because i have a lot of things happening right now: getting the school play underway with fifty students and two adults, finishing up with the CYBILS judging, the winners announced next Friday, and preparing for a three day author visit. So tonight I am creating a topics list:

Thinking /reviewing the last eight years I have had a blog.
Reflecting on the technology or lack thereof and how it makes my job challenging.
What I am learning from my haiku mentor.
Our author visit this month.
Changes in the line-up for Poetry Friday at Check It Out Blog.
The student play.

There are more slices at Two Writing Teachers.

SOLC: Tuesday School Play

This will be a quick slice of life tonight.  I just got home from the annual school play which I co-directed. So. Much. Fun. 

What makes it fun is that it’s 8-11 year olds, some for the first time on stage and for some of the fifth graders, their fourth time on stage.  And it’s unpredictable because some one forgets a line or the audio system messes up (like tonight) and their costumes are simple and home-made.

Tonight we did an encore performance of a play written by three fifth graders in 2008 when I was pursuing my national boards for teaching.  It’s about penguins, polar bears, and recycling.

More slices  found HERE.

Happy Reading.


Slice of Life Tuesdays

I’m March, I participated in the “Slice of Life Story Challenge” sponsored by Two Writing Teachers.
It made me think about featuring a ‘slice of life’ from the library on Tuesdays.

Since this month is National Poetry Month, the ‘slice of life’ is student poetry. March was one of the coldest and rainiest months when students wrote these.

Crisp ground winter here
Kids playing snow man building
Winter will go on

Michael C.
3rd grade

Kid are having fun
Birds are chirping in the sun
No school yippy ya

Darien W.
3rd grade

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Happy Reading.