Poetry Friday: Student Odes

IMG_1077Thank you Robyn at Life on the Deckle Edge for hosting Poetry Friday today.

My Poetry Rocks’ group worked on odes this week in response to the challenge at Today’s Little Ditty.  We started by reading some of the odes already on the March 2017 Padlet.

We wrote the group ode.

Ode to Recess

Children playing on swings
Children laughing with joy
Orange bark chips not good to eat
Friends playing together
Kids screaming with joy
The wind blowing
Children singing
Feel freedom feel the wind blowing
The smooth-rough play structure
Sad because no one plays with me
Taste the raindrops falling from the sky
Taste the wind blowing on my face
I wonder why kids are so loud
If it could be more fun
Because kids are having fun

~Poetry Rocks’ Kids

Finally, they wrote their own.

Ode to Summer

The sun shining
The wind blowing
The grass under my feet
The popsicles melting in my mouth
I wonder how long the summer is going to last
It does last kind of long

Marcella C., Grade 3

Ode to Unicorns

I see unicorns every day
I hear unicorns singing
I feel rainbows in my heart
I taste rainbows
I wonder if I could really see unicorns
And unicorns are not real

Italy M., Grade 1

Ode to Anything

I see people running
I hear the wind blowing
I feel the wind blowing in my face
I taste mint
I wonder what is

Charlie K., Grade 1

Ode to Candy

Crinkles of the wrapper
The candy melting in my mouth
A wonderful taste of caramel
I wonder what other candy tastes like
It does taste magical

Angel B., Grade 3

Ode to Logs

Logs in the woods
I hear them molding
I feel the hardness of the wood
I taste the bugs in the wood
I wonder what bugs are in the wood
I know they are spiders.

Ella K., Grade 2

Ode to Slime

My hands play with your substance
The pop of your bubbles
Your creamy texture
Taste of a grape laffy-taffy
I wonder if you are a waste
No, you’re great

Haylie S., Grade 4

Ode to a Cat

A fur ball big and fat
A meow there at the door
The fur  in my fingers
What would it be like to be a cat?
It would be wild

Taylor D., Grade 2

Ode to Spring

Flowers blowing in the wind
Quietness everywhere
I feel at home where it feels nice
I taste the wind in the air
I wonder how it is so beautiful
Because of the world

Bentley C., Grade 2

Ode to Poetry

Children listening to poetry
Children singing poetry
Happy about singing poetry
I wonder if poetry could be magic
It is magic because you can sing poetry at home
And at Poetry Rocks

Eliza P., Grade 2

Ode to Candy

I see chocolate
I hear a drumroll
I feel rock candy
I taste gummy bears
I wonder where it comes from

Kruz G., Grade 1

Ode to Computers

I see letters and numbers
I hear typing
I feel the keyboard
I taste the fresh air
I wonder if new games could be made
It should

Macy M., Grade 2

Ode to a Fairy

I see really fast flapping wings
I hear lots of chattering teeth
I feel little feet walking across my hand
I taste the wind of fairy’s wings
I wonder why you’re so small
Because you don’t want a lot of people around you.

Lilly P., Grade 2

Ode to Recess

Kids playing with friends
Balls bouncing
I feel happy at recess
I taste candy
I wonder if school could go on in summer
It does not

Dakota R., Grade 2

Ode to Candy

I see rainbows
I hear voices
I feel sticky
I taste sweetness
Why is candy so sweet?
To make it so sweet it’s good for people

Piper C., Grade 2


Ode to a Boa Constrictor

I see scales
I hear “SSSSS”
I feel scared
How can snakes move without legs
Read books about snakes

Nevaeh S., Grade 3

Ode to Dogs

Green fur
Soft barking
I feel softness
Lots of love
I wonder why dogs are so funny
Because they don’t know any better

Jazzlynn S., Grade 3

Ode to Flowers

I see your pretty petals
I hear you blowing in the wind
I feel your soft pretty petals
I smell your beautiful taste of wind
I wonder if I could eat a flower
Somebody, please create it!

Avery W., Grade 2

Ode to Poetry

I see kids listening to poetry
I hear the poetry kids listening to the speaker
I feel poetry on my arm
I taste poetry in my mouth
I wonder why poetry is so fun
Poetry is so great

Taryn E., Grade 2

Ode to Spring

Your sunset at night
The wind blowing
The sunset shining
Taste the wonderful season
I wonder if rainbows can shine everyday
Spring is fun anyway

Lauren A., Grade 2

Ode to Candy

I see colors and candy
I hear hands sliding down the glass gumball machine
My eyes getting big at the sight of sweet candy
I taste the clean cut sweet and
I wonder if anything can be better than watching TV
and eating stretchy taffy

Ashlynn M., Grade 3

Ode to Cheating

The other person’s paper
I hear the class tattle telling the teacher
I feel I’m going to the principal’s office later today
Taste the victory of cheating
I wonder why I cheat
I don’t know yet

Haylie S., Grade 4

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Poetry Friday: First Student Poetry of the School Year


Thanks to Karen for hosting Poetry Friday.

Greetings from Bellingham, WA and the Poetry Camp!

Announcement, announcement, announcement!  CYBILS Nominations open
TOMORROW, October 1.  Here’s the link:  CYBILS Nominations.

 This week, students brought me two poems for me to share.


Happy Poetry.

Happy Friday.

National Poetry Month, Celebrating Student Work 14/30


Strong, Shoshone, Sacagawea
I am as brave as a bear
Steady, ready, and stable and ready for trouble
I am Captain Clark’s Admirer
Confident, Courageous, Scout

Katelyn M.
4th grade


Lewis loves lemons
I am a brave as a lion
I jump off a cliff
Lewis had a dog named Seaman
Lewis loves lemons

Kylie W.
4th grade


Strong, Shoshone Sacagawea
I am as smart as a dolphin
Ran, jumped and ran away
Am the expedition’s guide
Smart, courageous Native American

Kadence B.
4th grade


Smart, strong, Sacagawea.
I am as brave as a stealthy fox.
Sneaky, quiet, throws for prey.
Sacagawea has a crush on Clark.
Kind, amazing, Sacagawea.

Alaina K.
4th grade


National Poetry Month, Celebrating Student Work 13/30




Sadness is black & blue
Sadness sounds like stiff silence
Sadness tastes like an icy cold wind
Sadness smells like hard bitterness
Sadness looks like a black, barren wilderness   
Sadness feels like like empty nothingness

Ciara M.
5th grade



snow drifts gracefully
from the sky it falls slowly
it brings joy to me

Tiereny P.
5th grade


fuzzy and cute
Playing, jumping, meowing
They are cuddly and fluffy

Alex B.
5th grade


My life is like playing football
My eyes are like clouds
My brothers are loud
My heart holds happiness
That is green as a color pencil
I live in ps3
And eat games.

Alexis T.
5th grade

National Poetry Month, Celebrating Student Work 12/30



Oops….I hit publish instead schedule…enjoy this preview.  More later.

I am a tough bottlenose dolphin.
I am as warm-blooded as a human.
I work in a group to catch prey.
Tough Tursiops Truncatus.

3rd grade


I am a blue jay
I live in forests
In America
I sample bird eggs
My parents will
Work together
To defend
The nest

Andrew D.
3rd grade

I am a colorful toucan.
I am as thin as a rabbit.
I fly in the sky.
I travel in groups called flocks
I am mostly hollow.

3rd grade

National Poetry Month, Celebrating Student Work 11/30


I just love what they fourth graders did with these “deeper thinking” poems.


What does Amiri Baraka know?
Amiri Baraka knows the sound of black music
He knows the smell of fresh air
He knows the taste of adventure
He sees every one staring at him in the crowd

What does Amiri Baraka know?
Amiri Baraka knows the sound of people
He knows the smell of the big wind breezes
He knows the feel of him selecting the poems
He knows the taste of spice
He sees the world

Elizabeth V.
4th grade


Thank you Elizabeth for introducing me to this poet.
What does Booker T. Washington know?
he knows the sound of silent students
he knows the smell of sweating guys
he knows the feel of hard work and pain

Nevaeh C.
4th grade


What does Stevie Wonder know?
he knows the sound of the piano
he knows the feel of the
he knows the sound of music

Jacob S.
4th grade


What does W.E.B Du Bois know?
W.E.B Du Bois knows the sound of crowds
knows the feel of segregation
sees the Niagara Movement

What does W.E.B Du Bois know?
knows the sound of pain
knows the feel of medals
knows the taste of freedom

Jovani G.
4th grade

National Poetry Month, Celebrating Student Work 9/30


Third grade researched animals on World Book and then wrote poems.


twisting head owl                                                                          .
I am as fluffy as a dog as I move through the forest
I strike as fast as a cheetah
I eat small mammals, birds, and insects
cool strix occidentalis.

Peighton S.
3rd grade


Fluffy cat
I am as fluffy as a fur coat
I sneak slowly swift
cats use their sensitive whiskers to help them sense their surroundings in the dark
Furry cat

Morgan S.
3rd grade