My Work is Finished. What Can I Do?

Did you get your classwork done right away and need something to do? These websites should entertain and amuse you until book checkout or the end of class.

  1.  Fill out an EXIT TICKET.

  2. Go to TYPING CLUB on your Chromebook.

  3.  Visit ABCYA for your grade level.

  4.  Write a review for a book You Should Read This Book Because

  5.  Play on Doodly.  You must trash your work.  No saving.

  6. Read this blog (CHECK IT OUT)

  7. Build in City Creator. Do Not register.

  8. Visit the KidZone of Colonial Williamsburg.

  9. Learn about the 13 colonies.

  10. Learn about the 50 states.

  11. Learn about Science.