Thirty Days of Student Poetry Day 15

I am the sneaky cat.
I am as stealthy as a panther.
I leer at people on midnight haze.
People fear me on the 31st.
For I, am the black cat.

Austin L.
5th Grade


I am a colorful Peacock,
I’m as colorful as a rainbow,
I strut when I walk,
I live in tropical islands,
I only eat cacti fruit,
Hands off my cacti fruit.
Michael W.
5th Grade


I am a stand for dog
I am as mean as a bear
I skip like a 9 year old
Other dogs picked on me
I am a western dig dog
Cody K.
5th Grade

I am a stupid rat
I am as fat as a pig
I scamper around on my stubby legs
I can give you a disease
I am the fattest rat you have ever seen.

Kian Mcilmoil
5th Grade

Thirty Days of Student Poetry

Yesterday’s posting was a miss.  But here are poems for today.

I am a deadly shark
I am as fast as a torpedo
I zig-zag in the water
I smell blood from a far away distance
I am a tiger shark

Skyler M.
3rd grade


I am a monkey I am loud as a
I hop vine to vine every time I have
Some climb time to time everywhere
And I like to share so here and
There and everywhere
So I am a monkey and I am
Nine to time to climb

Rejoy J.
3rd grade


I am a silent puma
I am as sneaky as a cheetah
For my prey,
I come behind a deer
And I pounce!
Black lighting

Penelope C.

3rd grade


I am a playful dolphin.
I am as cheerful as a puppy.
You can throw a ring, or a toy I will fill with glee.
Swimmy swimmy me!

Morgan S.
3rd grade


Thursday’s Poems

For some reason, the WordPress App is being odd.  It would not post the Thursday poems so here they are a day late:

Enjoy some of the poems from third grade:

I am a sneaky bat I

Hide in caves and

Scare people away

I sleep in the day

And spy at night

My wings are as long

As a birds I can cover

My self when I am

Cold I am a sneaky bat.

Alexa G.

Grade 3


I am a fluffy bunny

I am as fluffy as a cloud

I jump, I sniff, and I nibble

I hop in fields and meadows

My favorite vegetable is a carrot

Alexandria  C.

Grade 3


I am a sneaky turtle

I am as still as a tree

I move really slowly

I use my shell to protect


Casey L.

Grade 3


I am a  beautiful  humming bird

I am faster  then  a  cheetah

I stalk  little  prey

And I am small as you know it

Chace L.

Grade 3


I am a brave bear.

I am as scary as a snake.

My fur is as thick as a carpet.

I leap catch and eat my prey.

Haunt the night.

Christiana C.

Grade 3


I am a sneaky cheetah

I am silent as a puma

I stalk on my prey

Night shadow

Dylan L.

Grade 3

Happy Poetry Month