Thirty Days of Student Poetry: Part One

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I am posting  two days worth of student poetry.  For some reason, WordPress on my IPad wouldn’t publish yesterday. Grrr!  From yesterday:

Whew! Just got home from Idaho.

Every Tuesday, I travel two miles to a nearby school providing overload library help by teaching two classes. It’s my second year with these two classes. Both are for special needs. The older class recently researched important people and then wrote poems.


Henry Ford

He’s as happy as an ocean is big.

Creative, constructive

A believer

A glass is half full guy

He made an assembly line for cars.

The car creator

Jadon P.
5th grade


Tony Hawk

He’s artistic as an artist.

Skateboarder, has a kid, got married twice

Works with toy and clothes companies

He got money from contest and he landed the first 900.

He created some skateboard tricks.

Creative, brave


Collin Day-Turner
5th Grade


Robert Fulton

He’s as curious as a cat.

Builder, silversmith, inventor, artist

He invented the steamboat.

Scientist, thinker


Nathan H.
5th Grade




She’s as curious as an explorer.

Curious, smart, a mom, an Indian

Helped Lewis and Clark

Brave and talented


Hayden R.
4th Grade



Abraham Lincoln

He’s as brave as a knight.

Civil Rights, lawyer, Congress, US Representative

He freed the slaves.

Honest Abe


4th grade